I do not have as many theories as usual for this week’s episode, “Catch-22.” But here are a few thoughts…

Do people really parachute out of helicopters? Seems kind of dangerous, with the blades and all…unless of course the parachutist has military training. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it was a helicopter that crashed into the ocean, even though the Losties thought it was. Also, helicopter fuel tanks don’t hold very much, so it must have taken off from a location close to the island…

Did Naomi, the parachutist, jump before the helicopter (or whatever) started to crash, or during? She certainly drifted and landed quite far from the helicopter crash site.

Now we know for sure that Penny has discovered the whereabouts of Desmond. She sent Naomi to the island after her team saw the electromagnetic anomaly blip on their radar in the arctic listening station (which occurred when Locke imploded the Swan Hatch two to three weeks ago in Lost time).

The book in Naomi’s backpack was Catch-22 in Portuguese. Penny’s listening station team was speaking Portuguese.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’ve been searching for your long lost love for years. You finally locate where he disappeared to, and you send in…one woman to find him. Penny either knows about the dangers of the island (probably because Daddy Widmore helped finance Dharma) or she has a tremendous amount of faith in Naomi, who must be quite a friend/savior/superhero to take on that job.

The cable on the beach leads into the ocean. Is it connected to the sonar which directs the sub to and from the island?

How/why are there so many copies of that Desmond/Penny photo?!

When Desmond visited Ruth, his ex-fiancé, and tried to explain why he left her for the monastery, she said it was a good thing that a “shepherd” hadn’t found him lying in the street, because then he would have joined the sheep. Yeah, but he’s with a (Jack) Shephard now.

Did you catch that Ms. Hawking, the old woman from the ring shop in Desmond’s last flashback, was in the photo with Brother Campbell on his desk?? So she IS real. Although the picture looked like quite the PhotoShop hack job.

In Desmond’s flash, he saw all three guys holding the parachute to catch the parachutist, including Charlie. So…was he meant to save him after all? As the events took place in real time, had Charlie been shot with the arrow, he wouldn’t have been able to help hold the parachute with Jin and Hurley.


I had to look this up because I am not at all familiar with anything Biblical…there was reference to the sacrifice of Isaac. In the Bible, Isaac is the father of Jacob (the Others’ leader with the list that we haven’t met yet) and grandfather of Benjamin (as in Ben Linus, the Others’ 2nd in command under Jacob). ALSO, Naomi (the parachutist) is a Biblical name that appears in the book of Ruth (Desmond’s ex-fiancé).

Desmond has future FLASHES, and Charlie & Hurley were arguing about Superman and the Flash. Does that make Hurley Superman?  

There was another use of the phrase, One of Us. Brother Campbell told Desmond that he was “one of us” at the monastery.

How is it that no one else on the island also heard the helicopter and/or saw the beacon?

So Flight 815, the real Henry Gale’s hot air balloon, Rousseau’s boat and now the parachutist’s helicopter have all crashed above and/or into the island, marooning them. And yet the sub is able to travel back and forth without issue (except perhaps when it enters through the invisible barrier around the island, which would explain Ethan’s statement to Juliet that ‘the last leg of the trip can be rough.’) So whatever protective barrier (which I like to think of as the Truman Show Dome) surrounds that island must allow underwater and/or subterranean access and also have some kind of trap door that opens up top (to let the Dharma food drops through).

Here is the schedule for the rest of the season.

Episode 3.18
“D.O.C.” (Date of Conception)
Jin & Sun-centric
Looks like we’ll finally find out who Sun’s baby-daddy is.

Episode 3.19
“The Brig”
Apparently, the flashbacks will show us recent events on the island, including what happened after Locke discovered that Cooper (his Dad) was being held captive by the Others. Something tells me that we’ll finally find out that Cooper is the real Sawyer, and hopefully Mr. James Ford (island Sawyer) will as well.

Episode 3.20
“The Man Behind the Curtain”
Rumor has it that we’ll see if Ben really was born on the island and we’ll learn more about Dharma and the DeGroots.

Episode 3.21
“Greatest Hits”
I haven’t heard much about this one yet, but it does not bode well for Dominic Monaghan…flashbacks can lead to death (see: Boone & Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby, and Nikki & Paulo).

5/23/07 (2-hour Season Finale)
Episodes 3.22 & 3.23
“Through the Looking Glass”
There will be a showdown between Jack and Locke.

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Close your eyes and imagine a mix of Sarah Vaughan, Macy Gray, Fiona Apple and Joss Stone…with the sass and tattoos of Pink.

Her voice is quite unique and her look is also very original; goth meets Jersey. It would be difficult to classify her genre, but it is a mix of jazz and R&B with a hint of hip hop.

Meet Amy Winehouse, the latest and greatest UK import. Go buy her CD on iTunes right now, because it is the most refreshing sound of the year so far.

Favorite tracks: Rehab, Tears Dry On Their Own, Back to Black.

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In his last flashback, it was revealed that Jack’s tattoo translates as: he walks among us, but he is not one of us. In that same episode, Ben told Jack that regardless of what he thought of Juliet, she is still “one of us.” Juliet’s flashback episode last night was called…One of Us.  And then Jack told Juliet that because she also wanted off of the island, that she was “one of us.”

Did Juliet actually arrive on the island via sub? Why was she the only one strapped in if the last leg of the trip was supposedly so bumpy? And truly, is it possible to have a bumpy submarine ride? Aren’t they pretty smooth vehicles?

Refresher: Mittelos, Juliet’s new employer, is an anagram for LOST TIME.

And, at the Mittelos airport, there was a sign for Herarat Aviation. HER A RAT. Subtle! Also, Herarat is an anagram for Earhart…as in famous female pilot Amelia Earhart, who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean under mysterious circumstances.

The infamous Jacob was referenced again. He must also be some kind of doctor or scientist, as Ben promised Juliet that he would cure her sister Rachel’s cancer and it appears as if he was successful. Then again, anyone can PhotoShop a newspaper headline and the Others are certainly capable of coercion; perhaps Rachel was forced to appear in that video. That may not be her child either.  

Was Rachel’s cancer controlled by the Others? Did they cause it to return by activating an implant, similar to the one used to cause Claire’s “crisis?” Leave it to the Others to use and manipulate someone’s illness in order to blackmail one of their own to remain on the island.

And I’m no doctor, but when Ben hands Juliet her sister’s chart, the paperwork appears to be for a male patient with heart problems who weighs almost 200 pounds. WTF?

Ben said no one on the island has ever had cancer. If he has information about all of the passengers from Flight 815, he must know that Rose has cancer. Rather, she did before crashing on that island. Does he know that she’s been cured, much like Locke?

Has Juliet ever expressed how she felt about the death of her Other lover, Goodwin? Does she even know that he was killed by Ana Lucia after she found out he wasn’t a passenger? When Ben dispatched Goodwin to the tail section immediately after the crash, Juliet didn’t even register a response. How close could they have been?

Last season, Locke discovered that the Pearl Station had video surveillance of the Swan Hatch, where Desmond was stationed for years before the Losties found him. And we’ve seen that Ben and Juliet have visited the Pearl Station to view that monitor. So wouldn’t Juliet would recognize Desmond from the Swan Hatch, and also know that he wasn’t on the plane? Is she aware of his precognitive powers? Will that throw a wrench in her master plan?

When Juliet went to recover the medical supplies, there was a tree with a symbol carved into it. It seems to be the same symbol that was branded on her lower back after she was put on trial for killing Picket back on other island.

Juliet says that she can “fix” Claire’s medical emergency. Just like Dr. Jack, who is obsessed with fixing everyone and everything.

After showing Juliet video of Rachel and her nephew on screen in the Flame Hatch, Ben told Richard Alpert to get back to the island soon because of new visitors (meaning the Losties who survived the crash). Really and truly, we have no idea where this island is, but it certainly isn’t a quick jaunt from Miami via sub. Had Richard been back to the island more than once, or did he only return recently (with Locke’s dad)? If Mikhail was able to gather information about all of the passengers, Ben would have known about their history and may have instructed Richard to bring Locke’s dad to the island to use as bait to lure Locke in…

Even if Mikhail had gathered specific personal details about the Losties, how did they know that Sawyer shot the wrong man before boarding that flight the very next day? It’s not like the local authorities were after Sawyer for the murder. 

Did Ethan really improvise when the Losties found out he wasn’t really a passenger, or was kidnapping Claire yet another aspect of the Others’ master plan?

Did Claire survive her pregnancy because Aaron was conceived off of the island, or because of the injections that Ethan had given her?

Didn’t Rousseau deliver Alex while on the island? And if Ben was born on the island, then obviously the pregnancy death thing was a fairly recent phenomenon (post-Dharma?). Ben and Alex were born way before Juliet and her miracle fertility drugs arrived…

Why put an implant in Claire if you think she isn’t going to survive her pregnancy? They must have known that she would, and put the implant in her to use at a future date.

Back when the Others had Sawyer captured, they pretended to insert a heart monitor into his chest. But did they actually place an implant similar to Claire’s in him, in order to activate at a later date?

Also, when Kate had that infamous breakfast on the beach with Ben at the beginning of the season and he told her that the next two weeks were going to be very difficult, did they inject her with some kind of fertility drug and then threaten to kill either Jack or Sawyer unless she slept with one of them? Desperate times call for desperate measures when you’re living like the Children of Men

The very last scene of Juliet tying the rope to secure her shelter should have been accompanied by Austin Powers over-the-top evil laughter. Double crossing…get it?! Oh and look, her knot forms one of Hurley’s letters, an 8.

The Others found out that Sun was pregnant, which was a pleasant surprise to them. Their intel from Mikhail’s research would have indicated that Sun and Jin were not able to have kids, but now Ben knows about the island’s healing powers. So, he sent Juliet to integrate herself among the Losties in order to get closer to Sun and perhaps inject her with the serum or implant.  You might be asking yourselves, how would the Others find out about Sun? Remember that they had video cameras and audio on Jack, Kate and Sawyer the entire time that they were in being held captive.

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I consider myself a fairly tech-savvy individual. So when a Word document disappears into thin air with no chance of recovery, taking with it hours of work and vast conspiracy theories, you can understand why I might scream, sh*tg*dd*mnmotherf*cukingsonofab*tch! If only I had Desmond to warn me of such a thing. Or a flashback that revealed how Dharma and/or the Others played a role in the demise of my data.

Alas, at this late hour I am currently attempting to recreate my weekly list of thoughts and theories about last night’s episode of Lost. I dedicated my entire evening to it, only to have it evaporate without a trace. 

So stay tuned. I will post it either in the middle of the night tonight or tomorrow after work. Thank you for your patience.

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First, the good news. NBC has renewed 30 Rock! They believe (and I happen to agree) that the show will gain momentum, much like The Office did after its first season. Both shows received high marks from critics yet failed to reach large audiences during their intial run. Why NBC seems hesitant to bestow that kind of faith on a fantastic show like Friday Night Lights is baffling, as I am still awaiting their announcement that it is also coming back for another season.

What a cast (big screen stars Erika Christensen, Hope Davis, Jay Hernandez, Bridget Moynahan, and Campbell Scott, among others). What a shame. Six Degrees started off slow but really grew to become a very watchable primetime series. The show, which was executive produced by Lost‘s JJ Abrams, originally aired after Grey’s Anatomy last September. ABC gave up on Six Degrees less than two months into the season, and only recently aired two additional episodes in the graveyard timeslot, Friday night at 9pm. Last week, the show was pulled off of the air completely, it isn’t available to view for free on anymore, and there isn’t a trace of evidence that it ever even existed anywhere on the network’s website. Rude.

I am loving Bones this season. And without a doubt, the winner of this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series goes to Stephen Fry. The show has always had a dry undercurrent of humor permeating the science, and Fry’s recurring role as Booth’s shrink is inspired casting. You can watch uninterruped episodes of the show on the official Bones MySpace page.

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