Oh, Hello. Let’s Talk TV. Season Finales, Anyone?

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Hi, my name is Jo and I suck. Last week when my friend Mel told me that she stopped coming to this site due to lack of updated content, it made me realize that I have been neglecting a huge portion of my pop culture life. And you.

See this phrase and logo above? It is on a Life is Good hat that I own, but I do not take the advice it offers.  As most of you are aware, I have been inside of a Lost box with television tunnel-vision on for several months now. I am currently recovering (albeit with a rather large time-travel and character death hangover), as the fifth season has just ended.

But the good news for those of you who don’t watch that show is that I’m back, I’m ready to talk about shows that YOU love and watch, and I will be doing so much more frequently now. If you’re back, thank you for your patience. If you’re new, welcome to my babbling brook of consciousness!

We have several very emotional/controversial/strange season finales to discuss. The Office (baby!). Grey’s (RIP Gizzie?!). Private Practice (the horror!). Fringe (woah). Bones (wtf?). Heroes (yawn). Brothers & Sisters (let the door hit you on the way out, Tommy). 30 Rock (ten shades of awesome; I Lizzed). I haven’t seen the House finale yet, but Kutner’s death and Amber’s ghost made for a pretty great season.

File under: surprised but excited – Dollhouse has been renewed. I was very skeptical of this new series because of the pace of the first few episodes, but I highly recommend it as a summer series to catch up on because it is quite unique and compelling.

File under: donde esta? Samantha Who was yanked from the schedule without much notice or reason. It hasn’t been canceled so I’m curious to find out when they’ll be bringing it back.

File under: sad but relieved to get closure – ABC will be airing the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies at the end of the month.

Random season/schedule shows I’m currently enjoying: Rescue Me and Southland.

Summer TV: bring on True Blood and Mad Men. And let’s admit our guilty pleasure reality fixes…The Bachelorette starts tomorrow. I will also openly admit my addiction to The Biggest Loser; this was the first season I tuned in and am now hooked.

New shows: so looking forward to Glee (debuting this week on FOX) and Nurse Jackie (debuts on 6/8, Showtime). 

And music! Anyone else listening to the new Green Day? I am loving that and the new Phoenix album.

Movies: loved loved loved the new Star Trek. Was disappointed by Wolverine. New films I am really looking forward to include Away We Go (John Krasinski & Maya Rudolph/directed by Sam Mendes), Julie & Julia (Meryl Streep & Amy Adams/directed by Nora Ephron), and Nine (ensemble musical/directed by Rob Marshall).

So, hi. Thanks for stopping by. By all means, please let me know what shows, movies, bands, books, etc. that you’d love for me to discuss here and I will do my best. I owe you. And I’ve missed you.

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