Surviving Comic-Con: Day 2 – I Want to Believe

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I am running on fumes and will be getting up at 5am to return to the convention center to get in line for tomorrow’s Lost panel. HOWEVER, this was an unbelievedable day, and I will attempt to summarize while it’s still fresh.


  • At the Entertainment Weekly TV panel, I had the opportunity to ask the Lost exec producers a question live…which they answered. It was amazing and I stopped breathing for a time. More details on the other blog.
  • My very cool brother-in-law John, who was kind enough to join me for a day of insanity at Comic-Con while donning a new JOpinionated tee and collecting countless swag for his kids, was able to get me two autographed X-Files movie posters from creator/director Chris Carter and screenwriter Frank Spotnitz. Given that the new film debuted today, and that we all know how I feel about that show…I literally teared up with joy. One says, “Jo – the truth is out there” and the other “Jo – don’t give up!” [some people have life coaches or self-help books; I look to Chris Carter and JJ Abrams]
  • Running into USA Today Pop Candy columnist Whitney Matheson at the Octagon Global Recruiting booth. We met at a Pop Candy party earlier this year, and we bonded about her experience getting ‘tested’ by the Dharma Initiative today. I look forward to her party tomorrow night!
  • Meeting and chatting briefly with Katey Sagal, whom most of you know from Married with Children and Futurama. Of course I asked her about her experience as Locke’s girlfriend on Lost, and she was very polite and sweet.

Again, there was SO much more. But I don’t have the energy to PhotoShop or elaborate right now. I promise a full report upon my return home on Sunday!

Stay tuned for extensive coverage of tomorrow’s panel, which is the primary reason I’m here.

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