well, shit.

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On occasion, I feel particularly uninspired…which is very disconcerting and depressing. Most of the time I can’t wait to get home from work and write about the pop culture world at large. But the well is empty. I have nothing for you.

Perhaps I’m wasting too much time and energy on Twitter. It could also be that I’ve been staying up too late every night, watching a variety of shows online.  Or perhaps it has been the lack of quality films released during the last few months, ostensibly removing one of my favorite activities/pastimes from the menu and quelling my overall enthusiasm for going to the movies.

I know I’ve hit a serious wall because I can’t even muster up a new Lost entry for my other blog, which I’ve been trying to do for days in anticipation of tomorrow night’s return.  I believe that I have blog block, an updated twist on traditional writer’s block.

There isn’t a real explanation or excuse. I just don’t want to bore you, so I’ll be back when something finally ignites and excites.

[update: My mom called to see if I was okay after reading this. I'm fine. I simply hit a rough creative patch and shared too much, as usual. But I appreciate those of you who expressed concern.]

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