In a Nutshell: LOST, Season 3 in Review (Updated)

Posted by on January 27, 2008 in LOST, Television | 0 comments

To refresh our memories, I have posted a brief review of every episode from last season of Lost, as well as a list of lingering questions from Season 3, by character. Check all entries out here, on my new Lost blog.

I have also posted Predictions & Theories for Season 4.

Don’t forget to set your TiVO/DVR for Wednesday night as well, because ABC is airing an enhanced version of last year’s 2-hour finale, “Through the Looking Glass,” complete with on-screen facts and clues at the bottom of your screen.

And if you have other Lost friends who are are obsessed with the show as we are, please have them drop me a line or forward me their email addresses so I can add them to my Lost Distribution List!

Have a great week.

- Jo

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