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Ugh. That was my response to the few hours of the World Series that I did watch. I have never been a huge Rockie’s fan, but I was on the underdog bandwagon…especially given that they faced my second least favorite team ever (the Angels are more evil in my book).

I love baseball, and even though I do not like the Red Sox for various reasons, I can’t help but appreciate their domination and patience at the plate. Although I will never actually root for them, I do like some of their younger players with better attitudes (Ellsbury, Pedroia, Youkilis). And frankly, Papelbon is just entertaining (go to YouTube and type in his name – you’ll find a video of his infamous Irish riverdance).

I know more Red Sox fans than A’s fans, and that is just sad. Someday I hope to be among a sea of green and gold, celebrating with similar fervor after a championship…just not in the city of Fremont.

Sigh. Six more months until Opening Day 2008. Perhaps I’ll finally venture out to AZ for a Spring Training weekend next year.

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