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It is just over 100 degrees outside, and the power went out at work this afternoon, so they sent us home. It’s sad – I dIdn’t know what to do with myself. I was thinking about going to rent 300 but…

Because I’ve been making an effort to be more ‘green,’ as is the trend right now, I felt guilty about sitting inside with the TV system and air conditioner on. And I didn’t want to pollute the air further by driving any more than I already have today.

I could sit and read a book, but that won’t happen. I’m the kind of person that reads right before bed or on vacation only.

And I certainly do not want to start packing for my upcoming vacation to Alaska; the idea of handling wool or fleece in this weather is not very appealing. 

Somehow my guilt dissipates when I’m on the computer. Yes, it takes up energy, but I justify it because I am productive.

So for lack of any other original ideas, here is quick look inside my brain at the moment:

Ugh. My team is not good this year. Ok, they’re average, but I’ve been spoiled by playoff runs for the past several years and this has been a trying season for loyal fans. And now, the fire sale. Loiaza to the Dodgers? COME ON. Next thing you know, Piazza will grow out the mullet and rejoin the evil blue empire as well.

And if you think I’M bitter, check out Athletics Nation.

For baseball’s version of TMZ or Perez Hilton, visit On the DL. It is a guilty pleasure.

Last weekend I finally went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Now THAT is what I call a sequel.  I wish other studios and filmmakers would take the same approach: more action and less dialogue (memo to Michael Bay). This movie was an intense ride, and the best one I’ve taken all summer. Matt Damon is ten times the actor that Affleck ever was or will be. I’ve always felt that Damon is a tad underrated. The Talented Mr. Ripley? Crazy creepy good. Bonus points for putting Jude Law out of his onscreen misery.

I would rather play Eve’s ‘Tambourine’ than hold Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella.’

As much as I love my Mulder, Duchovny’s latest small screen venture isn’t working for me. Are any of you hooked on Californication?

Is it sad that I was very excited to hear that the cast and crew of Lost are back to work, filming the first few episodes of Season 4? I am rewatching Season 2 right now, which is fascinating because of what we learned in Season 3. Before the new season begins, I will address lingering/annoying questions in a lengthy blog.

If you aren’t already hooked, I really think you should go out and buy the first season of Friday Night Lights for only $20. It is not a football show, I promise. Yes, there are pigskin scenes, but relationships and angst are the focal points. Jump on the bandwagon now, before Season 2 begins next month.

Even though the show has been canceled, there is going to be a Dead Like Me movie. Am I the only one who watched and loved that series?

I love Top Chef, but reading the blogs after each episode is almost better.

Damages is the BEST show on television right now. If you haven’t watched it yet, FX will be airing a five episode marathon of the series beginning at 3pm PST on Labor Day – this Monday!

Have you checked out Michael Cera’s site yet? Hysterical.

Over at The House Next Door, Matt Zoller Seitz has written the best article I’ve seen yet about Owen Wilson.

I read A LOT of other people’s blogs, and I tend to leave comments when they cover topics that I’m passionate about. So I appreciate when readers do the same here, and would like to recommend two sites by two new friends: Cinematically Correct & Ex-Everything.


And screw it. I’m off to rent 300 and Blades of Glory. You can’t get any more random than that.

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