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What I didn’t say in my first Season Finale blog was that I absolutely loved this episode. It was like watching an intense two hour movie. With commercials. And (thankfully) a TiVO remote to fast forward through them.

The Season 3 Finale of Lost was like my Television Super Bowl, and I reacted like Tom Cruise after 3 weeks of dating; jumping up and around on the couch. Yelling like a madwoman. But at the TV, not Oprah. And without an audience. Except for a good friend, who might have been more entertained watching me react to Lost than by the actual show.

After a second viewing, keeping the big twist/game changer in mind…here are some additional thoughts and questions.

In the opening Flash Forward, many events mirrored that of Jack’s story in the pilot and first season of flashbacks:

Season 1: Oceanic Flight Attendant Cindy (and seemingly now converted Other) gives Jack an extra bottle of booze, flirting with him.
Season 3: Flight Attendant refuses to serve Jack more booze, because he’s becoming belligerent.

Season 1: Jack saves Sarah’s life (and subsequently marries her) after she is in a horrible car crash with Shannon’s father.
Season 3: Jack wants to operate on the woman who crashed on the bridge because of him. Will we see him marry her in a Season 4 Flash Forward?

Could it be that Jack was that distraught over the Obituary because whoever died was the last remaining rescued survivor of Flight 815 (besides him and Kate)?

Sayid told Jack that “I am willing to give my life if it means rescue.” That is why Jack allowed the Others to (apparently) shoot Sayid, Bernard and Jin. My guess is that Jack wasn’t willing to give his own life for the rescue of anyone other than himself and Kate, and thus, the suicidal guilt in the future.

Bonnie & Greta, the women in the Looking Glass station, refer to Charlie as “one of them.” We are used to hearing the Losties refer to the Others that way.

Why didn’t Ben ask where Juliet was when he intercepted Jack and the beach crew on the way to the radio tower? She betrayed him in every way possible. It will be interesting to see how they interact next season.

Add Jin, Bernard, Hurley and Locke to the growing list of Losties who have now killed someone on the island. Ben still claims that the Others are the good guys…which is true in the sense that they haven’t actually killed any of the Losties. It’s the other way around.  

Why, years after the crash, would Sarah (Jack’s ex) still be listed as his emergency contact? If Juliet was also rescued and they were together, wouldn’t she be listed? This is an indication that her little out-of-the-blue smooch with Jack did not form into a relationship that continued off island. Obviously Jack and Kate never worked out as a couple off of the island either.

Sawyer told Kate that “there is always someone to go back for” when she asked him to return to the beach to help their friends. Is Jack trying to desperately locate the island after rescue because he has someone to go back for? Juliet would be the obvious answer. Or any number of Losties that were left behind because of something he did or a decision he made…

Is Ben a musician? Or was it just a random Beach Boy-lovin’ Dharma worker who programmed the signal jam?

I didn’t notice this the first time, but Dr. Hamill refers to Jack as a hero “twice over.” I can’t believe I’m one of the only people who had NO idea that what we were watching were FUTURE Flashes. Remind me to remain spoiler-free in Season 4. It is SUCH a better viewing experience.

Forget the love triangle. I am quite looking forward to the love square next season: Jack and Juliet, Kate and Sawyer.

If Mikhail was the island communications expert, how did he never notice that a main signal to the outside world was jammed for 16 years? Also, his Flame Hatch (before Locke blew it up) contained cables and links to all other hatches. How was the Looking Glass fully functional without his knowledge and without being linked to the Flame? Does the cord that runs from the Looking Glass underwater connect to a hidden station that only Ben knows about? Why on earth didn’t Sayid or any of the Losties ever follow that damn thing into the jungle to find out?

Walt is SO Jacob. Or the Black Smoke Monster. Or a combination of both. Walt said to Locke, “Get up, John. You have work to do.” Come on.

Kate is a piece of work. She has been in love with Jack since day one on the island. She even carelessly used Sawyer to make him jealous. But in classic Kate mode (as we’ve learned from many of her flashbacks), she runs from anything or anyone that gets too close to her. That is why she didn’t respond when Jack made that surprising declaration of love for her during their journey to the radio tower.

If everyone in the outside world sees Jack as a hero because of his actions after Flight 815 crashed, who told them about his heroics on the island? Probably not Kate. Did she not receive the same accolades because of her criminal record?

The people who have been trying to find the island are not searching for or expecting to find the survivors of Flight 815; they’re after the Others. If and when they arrive, they will exterminate every person still living there, unaware that the Losties who crashed there are not with the Others.

Will we see Ben experience the moment when the Losties are rescued, as Jack wished? And if so, is he also forced to leave the island against his will? Could he be the one who was in the casket that Jack visited? Did he kill himself after rescue because he couldn’t live without the island?

How did Jack not notice that Hurley disappeared from the group and went back to the beach? Why didn’t he stop him, knowing the potential danger awaiting him? Obviously he couldn’t stop Sawyer and Juliet, but it seems odd that he didn’t try to stop Hurley. In a tight-knit group of plane crash survivors, if the only guy that makes everybody laugh goes missing, his sudden absence would be quite notable.

Did Desmond’s flashes end because Charlie whacked him over the head with the oar in the last episode? The flashes began at the end of last season, after Desmond was blown out of the original hatch when Locke blew it up. Will he figure out why his precognitive powers have disappeared and try to knock himself out again in order to experience more Penny-related flashes?

In their brief conversation before the grenade went off, Charlie told Penny that he was a survivor from Flight 815. Why didn’t she tell him that there weren’t any survivors, just like Naomi did? She should have been surprised to hear that. After all, she and her team were supposedly searching for just Desmond and the electromagnetic anomaly…or were they?

When Jack makes contact with Naomi’s crew, the man on the other end of the line also wasn’t surprised to hear Jack say that he was one of the survivors of Flight 815. Remember that Naomi wasn’t on the island looking for them either; she was sent to find Desmond…or was she?

If the casing for the Looking Glass computers were waterproof, does that mean Desmond will be able to talk with Penny on the monitor after he opens the door to let out the water in the room where Charlie drowned? Obviously he would have to first swim outside of the station and block off that broken window before opening that door; otherwise the entire station would flood.

Why is it that Rousseau has lived on that island for 16 years and yet she didn’t find or live in any of the hatches, didn’t find the cord on the beach leading to the Looking Glass, didn’t try to find/take her daughter sooner, etc.? She didn’t seem to have much of a reaction to Ben’s capture; then again, she had him captured in one of her nets last season before handing him over to Sayid. So what is the true nature of their relationship? Are you telling me that the man who kidnapped your child and has lived on the same island as you for the past 16 years is not your mortal enemy?

If Future Kate really didn’t want anything to do with Future Jack, why live in the same city? Could it be because she (and potentially other rescued Losties) were brought to Los Angeles (their original destination) after the rescue, and never flew anywhere again?

After watching that last scene again, it seems that Kate also received a Golden Pass from Oceanic. And judging from her reaction to Jack’s Frequent Flyer Friday Flights, she hasn’t used it.

It was very interesting to hear Jack say that he wants to crash again and doesn’t care about anyone else onboard the plane. He started off that way, on a plane full of strangers that he eventually led and loved…


Rose and her aversion to Jack’s oft-delivered ‘Live Together, Die Alone’ speech.

Sawyer to Juliet: “So, you screwing Jack yet?”
Juliet to Sawyer: “No, are you?”

Ben’s casual and less-than-enthusiastic introduction of Rousseau as Alex’s real mother. Followed by Rousseau’s very first words to her long lost daughter, “Help me tie him up.” Classic.

Sayid’s badass and quick disposal of the Other on the beach. With his feet. Which were bound.
Charlie’s very last moment under water, crossing himself and then floating. Beautifully filmed, superb acting.

- – -

Sigh. Now what?

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