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[Please note: in order to publish this at a decent hour and quickly enough after the Finale, I have rushed to put this entry up without taking the time to read it before posting. So please excuse the random nature of the thoughts & theories, and any unusual spelling or grammar mistakes. And stay tuned for further entries about this episode very soon!]

If the very first scene of Episode One in Season 4 opens with a close-up of Jack’s eye, followed by the reveal that he experiences flash forwards like Desmond, I might cry a little. I want that holy-sh*t reveal of the future to be real.

Will the next season feature all Flash Forwards instead of Flashbacks?

Is it possible that Desmond’s original flash showed him Penny’s face on that monitor in the Looking Glass station, and that he got Charlie to sacrifice himself by lying about Claire & Aaron’s rescue? He might have seen/known that he needed a musician to crack the code to contact Penny.

Isn’t it a tad convenient that at the very moment Charlie makes contact with the outside world, Penny just happens to be at her monitor?

Why is it that Mikhail keeps dying, only to live? Is he one of the original Hostiles, an immortal Lost Boy like Richard Alpert? Or do the same island healing powers that work on Locke also work on Mikhail? If so, was Mikhail cured from a pre-existing condition (like Locke, Rose and Jin)?

In the future, Jack refers to his father in the present on several occasions. Was his death in Sydney a fake? After identifying him at the morgue, Jack never actually saw his body in the coffin that was loaded onto Flight 815. That same coffin was found empty on the island after the crash. And in Jack’s flashback in Season 1 (aptly titled ‘The White Rabbit,’ another Alice in Wonderland reference), he ‘saw’ his father on the island. Then again, Future Jack was blasted out of his mind on drugs and alcohol when he referred to his father both times.

Or, does Christian Shepherd being alive in the future indicate that the Losties (or at least those who were rescued) were given a second chance or do-over? Or did their flashbacks even happen?

At the end of the episode, Jack told Kate that they have to stop lying. Did they lie about how they were rescued or the details about their time on the island? OR…were they the only two who survived and were rescued? Was Ben right – did Naomi’s team kill the remaining Losties when they found them? If so, how did Jack and Kate escape? Also, Jack might be a train wreck in the future and wracked with guilt because Ben warned him, and he allowed Naomi to signal her crew anyway, which led to the death of almost everyone. OR…were the rest of the Losties left behind, while Jack and Kate moved on with their lives after their rescue/escape? Is that why Jack is so obsessed with returning? Remember, Sayid told him he’d give his life to be rescued, that under no circumstances should Jack come back to rescue him.

When Jack gets in touch with Kate on the phone and asks to meet, she knew the location. Obviously they’ve reunited since their rescue.

If Naomi wasn’t sent by Penny Widmore, something tells me she was sent by Dharma. They must have finally figured out that all is not right on Dharma Island, that they’re making food drops for the devil (Ben). They then sent a team to kill those who they believe killed the Dharma folks (not realizing that the people on the island are actually the survivors of Flight 815).  

I also have a feeling that Daddy Widmore either funds Dharma or has something to do with Naomi. He hates Desmond, is the reason that he went on the race around the world, and probably paid to have him marooned as part of the Dharma experiment. That could be why Naomi had Desmond’s photo; to identify the man that Bad Dad wants dead.

Was Walt yet ANOTHER manifestation of the Black Smoke Monster?

So…your Communications Officer doesn’t go with you to the radio tower, and your other two choices to accompany you on your dangerous mission are the only two married men? How is that logical?

The Others said that Juliet marked 3 tents that housed potential child-bearing women. Besides Kate and Sun, who else was marked? Was it Claire, because she had her baby and lived?

In the future, is Kate’s past a non-issue? Was her criminal record expunged, given the traumatic circumstances of what she’d gone through?

Ever since James Ford (Island Sawyer) killed the real Sawyer, he has been surlier than ever. He also dropped all nicknames; Kate, Hugo, etc. Is it because he no longer goes by the nickname Sawyer? He was cruel to Hurley, but redeemed himself by killing Tom for kidnapping Walt.

Did Ben steal Alex from Rousseau when she was an infant? I doubt that Ben is Alex’s real father; Rousseau lived after giving birth, which means that Alex was conceived before her team crashed on the island. Just like Claire.

I love that Hurley used Ben’s dad’s van to kill one of the Others.


Charlie had already found out that Naomi wasn’t associated with Penny when Mikhail appeared with the grenade. Why didn’t he just leave and lock the flood inside rather than just die in it? Was he truly following Desmond’s flash/premonition?

So the Looking Glass code was programmed by a musician. Too convenient. Are we to believe that he programmed it in some past or future version of himself? Is the Looking Glass station a time traveling portal?

What exactly is Richard’s role? He didn’t travel with Ben and also didn’t go to the beach to grab the women.

Will it come back to haunt Bernard that he was the big mouth who spilled the beans about the Losties’ location and plans?

Why did Jack’s ex-wife say that it would have been ‘inappropriate’ for her to give him a ride home from the hospital? In the future, is she involved with someone that Jack knows, or another Flight 815 survivor (if they did in fact get rescued)?

Did we ever find out who Jack’s ex-wife was having an affair with?

I did love the juxtaposition in the end, with Jack in the Locke role, claiming that leaving the island is a mistake, and Kate in the Jack role, claiming that it wasn’t.

Whether or not Jack and Kate were the only ones who were rescued, did Jack ever find out that Claire was his half-sister?

What’s in Canada? That’s were the two women in the Looking Glass were supposedly on assignment.

Did Locke survive the gunshot wound because the island heals him, or because he was shot where his kidney should be (but isn’t because he gave it to his father)?

How did Locke know where Ben and Jack were? Did he walk back to the Others’ camp and did Richard tell him?

After Locke told Jack that he wasn’t supposed to make contact with the outside world, he walked away. Now this is the same Locke who blew up The Flame communications station and the submarine, so he probably went to blow up the radio tower.

Jack said that Oceanic gave him a Golden Pass. Why didn’t Kate get one too?


Jack said they were neither family nor friend.

1. Locke or Ben.  Both men were not very popular on and off the island, so it would make sense that no one attended their funeral. Jack could have been that distraught about either of them because they represented faith in the island, which he so strongly objected to while marooned there but so desperately wants to return to.

2. Michael. He was the first off the island, but would have been a social piranha because people would know that his freedom came at the expense of two lives (Ana Lucia & Libby). But why wouldn’t Walt attend his funeral? It would explain why Kate would not attend his funeral; if Michael was the only other person who escaped from the island and was a murderer, she certainly wouldn’t want to be reminded of it.  

3. Juliet. She really doesn’t qualify as either friend or family to Jack, and there certainly is no love lost between her and Kate. If Jack truly fell for her on the island, even though he declared his love for Kate, could that be why it drove him to near suicide?


The name of the funeral parlor where Jack visited the mystery coffin was called Hoffs/Drawlar, which is an anagram for Flash Forward.

Jack’s apartment was covered in maps. Obviously he’s obsessed with finding the location of the island. He told Kate that he takes weekly flights, hoping to crash. Probably because even though they escaped it, that’s the only way to get back to the island.

Ben told Richard to go the temple. Is there one still standing, or is he referring to their old camping spot where Locke’s dad was tied up to the old temple column?

The doctor who was questioning Jack was named Dr. Hamill. The Lost producers are huge Star Wars fans, and Luke Skywalker was played by Mark Hamill. POP CULTURE ASIDE: Dr. Hamill is played by James Lesure, who starred with Naomi (Marsha Thomason) in Las Vegas.

I’m no cartographer, but the map that Ben was marking up featured a shape that looked far more like the Black Smoke Monster than a mountain range.

The voice of the pilot in Jack’s first Flash Forward is that of Lost co-creator and producer Damon Lindelof. I know. Only a giant nerd like me would recognize it from the official Lost podcasts.


Yet another car crash. See this entry for more details.


1. Could the woman and child who crashed on the bridge when they saw Jack be Rachel (Juliet’s sister) and her son?? Perhaps that is why Jack felt so strongly about operating on her; I’m sure that Juliet told him all about her sister. If it was her, then Rachel really did beat her cancer, just as Ben said she did.

2. Jack and Kate were actually in the PAST, and not the future. Perhaps the island was indeed a time warp of some kind, and now they have to live with themselves knowing what they’ve done on the island. Or they are given the opportunity to change things. And the people they love may not have to die as a result of their actions.

3. Did Kate have a son? If so, could that be who she was referring to when she told Jack that she had to get home to ‘him?’ And if so, is he Sawyer’s son? This would also indicate that she lived even though she conceived a child on the island.


What the F does any of this have to do with a four-toed statue?

Where the F is Sheriff Isabel?

Who/what controls the Black Smoke Monster?

Was that substance outside of Jacob’s cabin either ash or gunpowder? Does it have something to do with his apparent captivity?

What on earth did Ben tell Kate during their mysterious breakfast on the beach at the beginning of this season?

Where are Flight Attendant Cindy and the Tail Section kids, if not with Ben’s crew or the Losties?


For the record, I much prefer Dirty Island Kate to Future Glam Shot Kate.

I am far from through with the Season Finale. These are only my initial observations and theories.

Post your theories in a comment below! And thank you for reading, all season long.

Is it February yet?

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