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Even if it is just a paragraph or two, you are going to see more entries from me. Right now I’m writing and posting about two times per week, including a weekly blog dedicated just to Lost. I have a day job, so daily blog entries would be challenging. After all, I’m not this guy, who posts on weekends and even while on vacation!

My regular readers have been shy thus far; I’ve asked for feedback but only received a handful of comments from friends and family. So I’ll put it out there again:

What do you want to read about when you visit this site?
Which pop culture topics are you interested in?
What are your favorite shows, and do you have any to recommend?
What criteria would make this site one you’d bookmark and visit daily?

A few people have inquired why I rarely address baseball, which is my favorite sport to watch and attend. Honestly, I am not sure how many readers would be interested in that topic. Also, I feel like I jinx my team when I write about them.

That being said, I have a letter…

Dear Baseball Fans Who Aren’t From the West Coast:

As of tonight, the starting pitchers of the Oakland A’s have the lowest ERA of any team in baseball. I know the season is only 20 games in and none of these guys are named Zito, but you should fear them. Oh, and all of them have held opponents to less than 3 runs in each of their starts. Again, that leads both leagues. And yet, can you name the A’s starting rotation?

There are teams besides the Yankees and Red Sox, despite what the nice scheduling folks from MLB and ESPN might lead you to believe. The A’s may not be as dramatic (on and off the field), but you really should keep your eyes on the boys in green and gold. Especially a quiet second baseman named Mark Ellis, who led the American League last year with .997 fielding percentage and yet lost the Gold Glove…to a guy on the Royals with less impressive numbers. Am I bitter? Yes. Why? Because I am outraged that A’s third baseman Eric Chavez has won a Gold Glove SIX years in a row, and has yet to make the All Star team. Perhaps this will finally be his year, especially given that the All Star Game is just one Bay Bridge away in July.


Your friend and future season ticket holder for the Oakland A’s of Fremont,

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