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Although everyone will assume that the title of this episode, “I Do,” refers to Kate’s marriage flashback, I prefer to think of it as the two words that Kate didn’t say when Sawyer asked if she really loved him.


Something tells me that there aren’t two islands after all. How else do Kate and Sawyer return to their beach? Was Ben pulling another con on Sawyer by showing him an island across the way that just resembled the one he was taken from?


Was Kate telling Jack that she can’t run to escape because she believes they’re on a separate island? By the way, notice that she said “I” can’t leave you behind, not “we.” So much for her ‘we’re a team’ assertions to Sawyer earlier that day…


What kind of walkie-talkies would work that many miles away, from island to island? Jack is assuming that the Hydra Hatch he’s in is on the same island as the other Hatches…which I believe to be true.


If Juliet really wanted to help Jack, as her video suggested, why not tell him in the operating room that Kate and Sawyer can’t run because they’re stuck on another island? Oh yeah, because they’re not!


Jack made Ben promise to get him off the island, not get him ‘home’ or to a specific locale. So if they really are on a different island, Ben could just take him from Other Island back to the main one where they crashed. Doh! Jack should have been more specific.


Are Kate and Jack working as a team right now – are their actions a part of their own secret plan? Remember that look they exchanged right before the bags went over their heads in the Season 2 finale. I have a feeling that they created an emergency plan together after realizing that Michael was leading them into a trap in that episode. The question is – is Sawyer in on it too?


So the Others didn’t have the proper medical technology to save one of their own (Colleen) just days earlier, but happened to have everything necessary and ready for Jack to perform a complicated surgery on Ben? If they didn’t have the defibrillator paddles to try and revive Colleen, what were they planning to use should the same situation arise during Ben’s procedure?


Last season in Claire’s flashback, she was in a Medical Hatch on the main island, surrounded by a team of doctors. When she returned to it later, they found that it had been abandoned. So where are those doctors now? Were they just Others in costume? Was Ethan pretending to be one too? He was seen administering the vaccine to Claire’s pregnant belly. And was Juliet among them that day? She is the fertility doctor after all.  So where are these doctors now that their leader is in need?  I don’t believe they were real physicians, and I also think that the Medical Hatch was a temporary set up just for Claire; that they didn’t bring her back to the Hydra hospital on their supposedly separate island for some reason.


Was Kate following orders when she slept with Sawyer? Was it all part of the master plan for those two weeks, as outlined on the beach by Ben during breakfast in Episode 1 of this season? Kate didn’t answer Sawyer when he asked if she loved him…because I don’t think she actually does. Her actions over these last few episodes speak volumes about her true feelings for Jack. She wouldn’t run away after escaping from her cage…without Jack. And she keeps telling Sawyer that they’re a team, that they all live together or die alone. Poor Sawyer thinks she is acting out of love and concern for him, and is oblivious to both Kate’s deal with Ben and the cameras watching their every move.


I think Ben and/or Juliet purposefully left Jack’s door unlocked so he would discover Kate and Sawyer together on the monitors; they knew Jack would change his mind and operate on Ben after seeing for himself that Kate has feelings for Sawyer.  Jack knew that Sawyer would be killed if he didn’t operate, so he did it for Kate.


Ben certainly didn’t seem surprised to see Jack out of captivity, nor did he seem concerned with the fact that Jack had a gun. Did Jack surrender the gun after agreeing to the surgery?


Crazy Theory: We know how the Others are obsessed with/fascinated by children, and that Juliet is a fertility doctor. So did Kate’s deal with Ben include a demand to procreate with Sawyer or Jack? Kate and Sawyer were being watched and they certainly weren’t stopped – even with their cage door broken wide open. Why else feature a pregnancy test storyline in Kate’s flashback during the same episode…


Why would Ben ask about Alex, of all people, right before going under anesthesia? She must be more important than we thought. We know that she is Rousseau’s daughter, ‘taken’ when she was just a baby. Did Ben raise her as her own? Is that why she seems to have more freedom to roam than the other Others?


Juliet lied to Ben when he asked if Alex had asked for him. She ordered Alex to be returned ‘home’ after disrupting the work camp with her slingshot. So ‘home’ isn’t Other Village? Does she live back on the main island with the other kidnapped children?


Juliet’s loyalty to Ben is questionable, and Pickett couldn’t wait to go after Sawyer once Ben was under the knife. So why was Tom (Zeke) the only Other to stay behind and follow Jack’s orders? Perhaps because Tom and Ben are a couple. Think about it…there is zero sexual chemistry between Ben and Juliet (just a palpable power struggle), and Tom has said that Kate isn’t his type. Frankly, if he was a straight man with a pulse, Kate would be his type.   


Ben’s last words before going under were “see you on the other side.” The other side of the island perhaps? Or was that supposed to be a variation of Desmond’s ‘see you in another life, brother’ statement?


I’m still curious as to why the island’s miraculous healing powers did not affect or heal Ben, as they did Locke, Rose and Jin.


Was the phrase on Eko’s stick an actual message for Locke? Remember, Locke is the only one who saw the map on the hatch blast door and has a pretty good idea where all six Hatches are. Perhaps Eko’s engraving will lead Locke to the North to find Jack, Kate and Sawyer.


So…is Kate still technically married? We know she abandoned her husband, but that’s about it. The fact that she married a police officer adds credence to my theory that she’s much more likely to pick Jack the Doctor over Sawyer the Criminal. Remember, the crash and the island are a fresh start for her, so why side with the one who constantly reminds you of your less than stellar past?  


Pickett is overheard saying that Jack wasn’t on ‘Jacob’s list.’ This is the first time we’ve heard that name on the show. Is Jacob the infamous ‘Him?’ According to the Bible (which I had to research online – it’s not my forte), Jacob is the name of Benjamin’s father and Jacob has a twin brother. Interesting thoughts to ponder for the next few months…


* Here is what we can expect after the hiatus, when Lost returns for 16 straight episodes beginning February 7 (Warning: Spoilerish – Do Not Read If You Don’t Want To Know Anything About The Rest of This Season):


The first episode is a Juliet flashback. It seems she did not spend her entire life on the island like Ben did.


The second episode is a Desmond flashback, and Charlie makes an appearance. We will also finally find out what happened to the kidnapped Tail Section children of Flight 815, as well as the disappearance of flight attendant Cindy.


At some point in the season, we will be told how Locke wound up in the wheelchair and the story behind Jack’s tattoos.


We will see Penny Widmore again (Desmond’s ex).

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