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Here are a few observations about last night’s episode, ‘Further Instructions.’


* The episode began the very same way that the Pilot episode did: opening shot on a man’s eye, the guy lying in the jungle, discombobulated and not sure how he got there.


* In Locke’s hallucination dream at the airport, he saw his fellow survivors in very distinct groups, and Boone offered some insightful statements about the situation that each is currently in: Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Ben (“there’s nothing you can do for them…yet”); Sayid, Jin and Sun (“Sayid’s got it covered”); Charlie, Claire and baby Aaron (“they will be fine…for a while”); and Desmond (“He’s helping himself).


* After the hatch explosion, Charlie had trouble hearing, Locke had trouble speaking, and we’re not sure about Eko yet. Perhaps we’re looking at a Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil triangle…


* Last season, Eko went 40 days without talking. Although his was self-imposed, there has to be a coincidence with Locke’s brief inability to speak.


* It seems that Desmond gained special telepathic abilities after the hatch imploded. Did the destruction of the electromagnetic anomaly have anything to do with it? Did it have anything to do with Locke’s temporary condition too? His was short-lived, so it will be interesting to see if Desmond’s new powers last…


* In the Incredible Hulk comic (which was referenced last night), a man is exposed to a nuclear blast that blows his clothes off and results in a major personal transformation. Sounds quite like our pal Desmond… 


* After returning to the beach, no one seemed to notice Desmond; not his odd behavior and not the fact that he was now wearing a Hurley dress. Is there a chance that he’s actually dead, a la The Sixth Sense? And if so, why can only Hurley see him?


* Did the Others let the polar bears out, perhaps as a security system? We now know that the bears ate some Dharma folks, and they’re certainly interested in our survivors…but not the Others.


* Undercover agent Eddie told John in the forest that he was a ‘good man.’ Ben (back when he was Henry Gale in the hatch) also told John that he was one of the ‘good’ ones. And both Eddie and Ben have told Locke that they were looking for him specifically. It was interesting that Eddie said ‘they’ choose him. I believe that the Others didn’t take Locke for the very reason Eddie stated: he doesn’t have a criminal record and is amenable for coercion (unlike Kate & Sawyer). There has to be a connection between Eddie and the Others…


* Locke came across a broken and dirty Tonka truck in the polar bear cave. So either some Dharma kids perished or lived in there.


* If the hatch imploded down and in (rather than exploding up and out), wouldn’t Desmond, Eko and Locke have been trapped down inside and died? There is no visible hatch debris from the explosion, only the Quarantine door that flew down and almost hit Claire and Bernard in last season’s finale. Something doesn’t add up…

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