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Here are some belated theories and thoughts about last week’s Lost:


* Before getting shot on the boat, Colleen said that Sun wasn’t a killer, despite what she may think. Did Sun kill Jae Lee, the man she was having an affair with? When Jae came crashing down onto Jin’s car in an apparent suicide, he had the pearls he’d offered Sun in his hand (only Jae and Sun knew about those pearls). So my theory is that Sun was in the hotel room (unbeknownst to Jin when he beat Jae up) and she pushed him out the window herself. This is the woman, after all, that handled and shot a gun with surprising ease and agility on that boat. Could she have dropped and shattered Jae without remorse, like that glass ballerina when she was young?


* In typical LOST fashion, there has to be a connection between Jae’s string of pearls for Sun and the Pearl Hatch….


* If the Others are so interested in babies and know so much about the survivors, then why on earth would they shoot at a pregnant woman (Sun)?


* Something tells me that the Others will look to Jack to operate on Colleen. The value of kidnapping a doctor for their village is obvious (although there seemed to have been physicians of some sort in Claire’s flashback).  So why are they so interested in Kate and Sawyer? In Others’ terms, Kate and Sawyer are ‘bad’ people, both with criminal pasts…


* Why hasn’t Ben been to visit Sawyer? He’s spent time with both Jack and Kate.


* When Sun told Sayid that Jin knows she betrayed him, was she referring to her affair or lying to him on the boat about their plan?


* The survivors have been on the island for 69 days. Has that been enough time for Jin to comprehend and speak English as quickly as he has, or was he also secretly learning the language before the flight too?


* Why was Alex (Rousseau’s daughter) hiding in the bushes to talk to Kate? Is she not part of the Others group that seems to be in charge of Jack, Kate and Sawyer (perhaps a different Other contingency that includes Mrs. Klugh from Season 2)? Was she another plant, a trap set up by Ben to see how Kate would respond? Ben was watching the entire thing unfold on his monitors, after all. Was she really interested in the fate of Karl, the younger guy who tried to flee the cage across from Sawyer?  


* They made a point of letting us know that Kate is wearing one of Alex’s dresses. Is Alex an Other outcast? Did they get all they needed from her and now she’s roaming freely as a rogue Other? And how is it that in 16 years, she and Rousseau have never found each other on that island?


* When Ben told Kate that the next two weeks were going to be very difficult, was she told that her every move would be under observation, that she and the boys were going to be put in various social and physical situations so that the Others could gauge their reactions? Putting Kate in that dress to do hard labor in the heat with Sawyer could have been a test for him…


* Is Ben monitoring activity in all hatches? If so, he would have known about the sailboat (by listening to & watching Desmond and Kelvin).


* If the Others really do have contact with the outside world, then they could have gathered information about all of the survivors from news reports about the disappearance of Flight 815.  


* Ben said that he’s lived on the island his entire life but has chosen not to leave. When he tells Jack that he can go home if he cooperates, does Jack make that same decision (is his loyalty to the other survivors strong enough to make him stay)? Is Ben grooming Jack to replace him so he can leave, much like Kelvin tried to with Desmond?


* Why was Ben so concerned with getting that sailboat? We were led to believe that no one can ever really leave the island (i.e. Desmond sailing in circles), but perhaps there is an escape route. Either that or he simply needed to replace the boat that he gave Michael and Walt…


* Random Thought of the Week: There HAS to be something to the fact that Jack, Jin, Kate, Locke, Sawyer, and Sun all have major issues with their fathers.

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