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I am not done. There aren’t enough hours in the day of a normal working person to ponder the mysteries of Lost. Here are the first thoughts I have about last night’s episode.



Why didn’t the Others have Claire on their list? Have they lost interest now that she’s had the baby?


Is Claire just going to accept the injection kit that Charlie supposedly found, and use it on herself and the baby? She trusts him enough now? It was just a short time ago that Charlie tried to kidnap baby Aaron.



Was the sailboat being drawn to the island by the magnetic field? Had Desmond tried to escape on it? Was it the boat he was originally on during his race around the world?



Eko mentioned that he had spent time in England. Of course this means there must be a connection to Charlie.


None of the remaining Tail survivors were at the funeral for two of their people. Rose and Bernard were nowhere to be found, and Eko chose to stay in the Hatch. Is there something to this?



Do we know for sure that Gale even left the Hatch? He certainly would know where to hide (i.e. the vents he went through to get to the computer when Locke was crushed beneath the blast door).



Are the Others interested in Hurley because of his connection to the numbers? Or because of his wealth (perhaps they need more funding for this experiment)?


Before last night, Michael had never called Hurley by his real name, Hugo. Do you think that Hurley noticed that too, and glared at him during Libby’s funeral because he’s on to him? If so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hurley kill Michael.


Regarding that Bad Twin script that Hurley found on the beach…does each Lostie have an Other Twin?



When Sayid was informing Jack that Michael might have been compromised, he said that fathers would go to any lengths for their sons. Something tells me this is leading up to Jack’s dad, who I believe is not only still alive, but on the island and perhaps the HIM, the feared leader of the Others/Dharma.



Why are the Others asking for Kate now? They already captured her but let her go once


Kate had discovered fake Other costumes and a fake beard in the medical Hatch. It’s now looking like it was a set up. Zeke’s beard looks pretty real. And Walt did say that they’re not who they appear to be



In last night’s episode, the producers/writers go out of their way to point out Ana Lucia’s last name on more than one occasion (Jack says it to Sawyer, Jack says it at her funeral), and yet no one knows or seems curious about Libby’s. She must be related to someone or something on the island.  



When Locke left the beach, was he heading back to the main Hatch? Is he so angry about the numbers being useless that he is going to blow up/destroy the Hatch and computer?



If Michael needed to lure Hurley to the Others, he could have shot Libby with that purpose in mind. But Michael hasn’t been around for a while and he wouldn’t have known about the budding romance between Libby and Hurley.


Were the Others really taking blood from Michael, or actually infecting/drugging him? Notice that they injected the needle into Michael’s muscle and not a vein. Are they trying to prove paternity? And if the Others know so much about Walt and Michael, why was Ms. Klugh questioning Michael about Walt’s childhood? She probably already knows the answers and took the blood to be able to prove it.


From what we’ve seen of Michael, both in flashbacks and on the island, is he really the kind of guy who is capable of murder? Of course parents would do anything for their children, but Michael wasn’t told he had to kill people in order to release Gale and bring the 4 Losties back..  



Is the deal they made with Michael a big set up? Are the Others asking for Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley because they know this group will have all of the firearms, leaving Locke, Eko and Sayid to fend for themselves and the rest of the survivors??


The Others told Michael that they could not go back for Gale themselves, that he had to do it. Are they afraid of something? The black smoke monster perhaps? The Others asked for four specific people, but not Locke or Eko. Both Locke and Eko have seen and stood up to the black smoke monster.


Was Ms. Klugh one of the images in Eko’s black smoke monster montage?


How do the Others know the Lostie’s full names? Do they have a copy of the flight manifest? Even if they were watching them on camera in the Pearl Hatch, it’s not like last names were thrown around down there in general conversation. Did Henry Gale figure out the names while he was being held captive in the main Hatch, and then send them on that computer when he was supposed to be entering the numbers?


None of the other Hatches are being guarded by guns, just the one in the Others camp. Why? Are the kidnapped children in there? Is that where they’re testing Walt? Is this the Hatch headquarters?



If Walt is truly being held and tested, he is not the one communicating with Michael on the computer. Was it Alex, who seems to be the only Other concerned about the well being of the Losties?


It can’t be a coincidence that in the same episode, Walt asks about Vincent and we also see Vincent deliver Charlie the heroin statue.


We know that Walt has some strange powers. Ms. Klugh asked Michael if Walt have ever appeared in places he wasn’t supposed to be. When Walt appeared soaking wet in the jungle to Shannon and Sayid, was he projecting himself from the location where he was being tested?


In Michael’s first flashback in Season One, we see Walt use his power to cause a bird to fly into a window and die.  Could Walt be the reason that Flight 815 came down? Did he make it happen??



Flight 815 never crashed. The plane experienced artificial, manufactured turbulence, and when the oxygen masks fell from the panels, each passenger put them on and was subsequently drugged. The experiment began. Obviously this group was specifically chosen, and memory chips implanted in all of them at some point in their lives were put into motion on the plane.

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