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Yes, I am that dork. The one who bought Bad Twin, the Lost-related book by pseudo author and Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup (a.k.a. Purgatory). Of course I’ll report any pertinent information in this Blog when I finish the book. Until then, here are some thoughts and theories about the “?” episode


So Claire’s psychic is a fraud. What background information had he gathered about her? Did he work for Dharma? He ran out of the house, to seemingly keep Eko from coming in the house. Is he hiding something in there?

Eko discovered that the yellow plane crashed right near the circle in the grass above the Pearl Hatch, which he said looked like a drop target. Was it brought down there on purpose?

Why was Eko going to the U.S.?

Did you notice that in Locke’s dream, Eko’s brother was sitting atop that cliff in a wheelchair?


We know that there is some connection between Oceanic Air and Dharma. I think that everyone on Flight 815 had a Dharma representative in their life, working in some capacity on their behalf, ensuring that they’d somehow get on that particular flight:


* Ana Lucia was on the plane because she finished her security stint with Jack’s dad.

* Boone was on the plane because Shannon tricked him into coming to rescue her from an abusive boyfriend. Or was it the boyfriend who worked for Dharma?

* Charlie was on the plane because he was seeking a reunion with his brother Liam.

* Claire was on the plane because her Psychic gave her money and a plane ticket to L.A., to meet a couple he knew who wanted to adopt her baby.

* Eko was on the plane because that creepy blonde Australian dude Caldwell got him a fake passport.

* Hurley was on the plane because he was searching for the source of mumbling Leonard’s numbers.

* Jack was on the plane on a last-minute bereavement ticket. I believe that Jack’s dad faked his own death and was working for Dharma.

* Kate was on the plane because the U.S. Marshall was escorting her home to be arrested.

* And then there’s the mysterious Libby, who I believe was a Dharma employee placed on that plane.

* Locke was on the plane because the travel tour company wouldn’t let him go on the walkabout tour due because he failed to disclose his disability.

* Rose was on the plane because Bernard was taking her to find a cure for her illness.

* Sayid was on his way to being reunited with Nadia.

* Sawyer was on the plane because he was deported from Australia for head-butting the Minister of Agriculture.

* Sun was on the plane accompanying Jin on a business trip.

* Walt was on the plane because Michael went to Australia to pick him up after Walt’s mom passed away.  Or is it the other way around??


Right before Boone died, Locke was temporarily disabled with leg pain. He couldn’t walk, let alone climb up into the yellow plane. So he asked Boone to do it. And in last night’s episode, Locke could not climb up the cliff again, so Eko did the duty while Locke watched. Again. Is there anything to this?



What is it with left arms? In the first Orientation film, Dr. Candle has a prosthetic left arm. When the Others kidnapped Walt, they shot Sawyer in the left arm. And then Michael shot himself in the left arm.


Are all of the Hatches (other than the Swan with our Losties) abandoned because everyone but Desmond abandoned their posts and the Dharma experiment for some reason?




The Orientation Video was an old Beta tape but the original was a Film reel.

The man in the new Orientation Video used the name Dr. Mark Wickman, but he used the name Dr. Marvin Candle in the original Orientation Film. He looks younger in the Video than he did in the Film.

In the first Orientation Film, Dr. Candle had a prosthetic left arm. But in the second Orientation Video, he clearly has a normal left arm. Did the ‘incident’ he referred to in the original Orientation Film have anything to do with his arm? Or are these two different guys – twins perhaps? After all, the script that Hurley found is called Bad Twin

Is Dr. Candle/Dr. Wickman just an actor, hired to be in all of the Orientation films?

Eko had discovered an Orientation reel in a Bible in an abandoned Hatch, and then Locke spliced it into the original Orientation Film he found in his Hatch.  If every Hatch has their own Orientation Film, perhaps Eko’s footage wasn’t intended to be intermixed with the other footage…

The Orientation Video references an Apollo Ferry boat that will transport the viewing hatch folks after their 3 weeks is over. Is that the boat that the Others used to kidnap Walt? Where is this boat docked on the island?

The new Orientation Video instructs the viewers to observe the station. Not plural. Were they only watching the Swan Hatch, where the Losties are?

Did the equipment in this Pearl Hatch record Michael shooting the women?

In this Hatch, there was a tube that takes the observation papers up somewhere. Where do they go? Is there a headquarters Hatch receiving communication from all of the other hatches?

Will that printout show whether or not Henry Gale actually entered the numbers?

Were the people in the Pearl Hatch who were observing the other Hatches also part of an experiment? There is a camera in that Hatch too. Or are the observers in fact Doctors and/or Psychologists from Dharma?

Is the Pearl Hatch called the “?” because there is nothing on the Dharma logo? The Swan Hatch features a Swan on the Dharma logo, etc., but this one is an empty white circle. But are we sure that this even was the “?” Hatch?

Why are there nine TV screens in the Pearl Hatch when the Orientation Film and the map on the Locke’s Hatch door indicate that there are only six Hatches?


It now seems like there are 2 sets of Others. The first are Dharma scientists and doctors that were stationed in the Hatches. The question is, why are the Hatches all abandoned? Where has this group relocated? The second set of Others seem to be the ones who have the children; the ones without shoes, who don’t leave tracks. Were they shipwrecked and marooned on the island too? Were they brought there by Dharma? I believe that the Dharma folks have Other costumes & disguises to infiltrate and integrate themselves to learn more about that group.


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