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My theories & questions about last night’s episode:

  • Were the supplies dropped via parachute intended for the survivors of flight 815? If so, that means that Dharma (or someone else) knows about their crash and location. Are they being fed to remain alive on the island while unwittingly taking part in an experiment, or being drugged via the food?
  • Was the distorted sound coming from the speakers in the hatch a warning system of incoming supplies? Did the hatch doors shut because an alarm was triggered by impending the arrival of the supplies?
  • The warning speaker in the hatch is like something you see at a subway station. I believe there is system of underground tunnels somehow connecting all hatches. Remember that in the Pilot episode, Rose mentioned that the monster sounded familiar; that she was from NYC…
  • Did all of the other hatches also lock down and receive the same warning?
  • If the supplies were indeed dropped…from what? No one heard a plane or helicopter. Was it a stealth military-type plane? Of course, hot air balloons are pretty quiet…
  • In Locke’s flashback, as he was standing in the parking lot of the motel, an Oceanic airplane flew by overhead at a very low altitude, but it was almost silent..
  • We are assuming that the supplies were dropped. They could have been planted there by the Others.
  • Are Dharma supplies dropped from Oceanic planes? Did flight 815 malfunction during a drop, causing it to crash?
  • Did the hatch shut down to turn off the electromagnetic fields so it wouldn’t bring the supply plane down? A hot air balloon would not be affected by an electromagnetic field…
  • I doubt that entering the numbers is related to the hatch locking down. Why would Dharma design it so that a blast door prevents access to the computer when the hatch locks down?
  • In Hurley’s flashback last season, we learn that he first got the infamous numbers from a crazy man. Is it possible that this guy used to deliver supplies to the island, and that the numbers are a request for supplies?  Or did he overhear/intercept a message containing the numbers at some point in his life or career?
  • Was the mural on the hatch wall (outside of the blast doors) created by someone who was in the hatch, saw the map when the doors closed, and then tried to recreate it from memory? Or did this person leave the hatch to go explore the island, and update the map upon his return?
  • Whoever drew that map was in lockdown for an extended period of time. Did this person know how to make it lockdown on purpose?
  • Locke has serious trust issues; he really wanted to trust his dad, and couldn’t. Turned out to be the same way with Henry Gale.
  • Is the fake Henry Gale really Kelvin, Desmond’s hatch partner?
  • Is the fake Henry Gale related to Bernard? They have similar features.
  • Did fake Henry Gale recognize the numbers when Locke repeated them to him? He sure recited them back fast.
  • Was fake Henry really knocked out after falling off the shelves trying to get to the vent in the ceiling, or was he faking it to stall? Perhaps he knew exactly what would happen with the computer numbers and/or the lockdown.
  • It took Henry some time to return to Locke once the hatch doors reopened. Was he on the computer, in contact with the Others, telling them his location? Or were the Others trying to contact Henry?
  • When Helen follows Locke to the motel and confronts his father, she asks “are you him?” That is what Desmond asked Locke the first time they met too.
  • Was Helen in on the con with Locke’s dad? It seems too convenient that she was reading the obits and found his father’s name, and that she always shows up to catch Locke in a lie about his dad…
  • Locke inspected Nadia’s house. She was Sayid’s girl.
  • Is Locke’s dad the real Sawyer, the con man that Island Sawyer was seeking to kill to avenge the death of his parents?
  • We haven’t found out how Locke became paralyzed, but I’m sure it had something to do with the two thugs who were after his father. And did Locke ever go back up to the motel room to grab the $200k?
  • There must be some significance to Jack being in Thailand
  • Sawyer mentioned being in Tallahassee. That is where Kate was buying a ticket to escape to in one of her flashbacks.

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