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Here are some thoughts & theories about this week’s epsiode of Lost.

  • Sawyer had a pregnancy test among his hoarded supplies, which means that someone else on that flight thought they might be pregnant. The question is this – is it someone who survived the crash? Did Sun have one in her suitcase and was hoping that Sawyer found it? If so, that means she did sleep with her language tutor.

  • Was Jin’s procreation power magically restored, like Locke’s legs? Did the crash or the island or the hatch or Dharma have anything to do with it?

  • It can’t be coincidence that Sun started to feel the signs of pregnancy right after babysitting Aaron. And I’m not convinced she’s actually pregnant by normal means. Was she injected with something? Those Other scientists certainly have the meds and are seeking children. I also seem to recall that Locke’s mom told him he had no father, that he was an immaculate conception

  • Henry Gale is an Other. Someone did crash a balloon on the island, but not him. He and the Others saw the accident and killed or kidnapped the balloon passengers, and now Gale is using their story. That would explain how he knows the location of the balloon.
  • Jack said he couldn’t hear Ana Lucia talking to Gale inside the holding cell  even when he was standing right next to the door, and yet Gale was able to hear Jack and Locke talk quietly further outside that same door? This reinforces my theory that Gale has super hearing powers, which is probably one of the characteristics of the Others.

  • How could Gale have known that more than just Ana Lucia went looking for his balloon? He told Jack and Locke that the map he drew could lead to a set up, and then the Others would “trade them for me.

Random Thought (not related to the latest episode):

  • Did Locke know what was going to happen on the island before he boarded the plane? Was he told that the island would somehow cure him if he agreed to oversee a hatch? Was Locke the replacement sent for Desmond? When he first found the hatch in the jungle and couldn’t get it open, he yelled that “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” like he knew he had to get in there…


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